Frequently Asked Questions

Can we build our own assessments in Occ Health Predict?

Yes, Occ Health Predict is designed to meet your specific medical assessment requirements.

Can we add users or subtract users on a monthly basis?

Yes. During periods of peak mobilisation you can add more users and then take them away once mobilisation is complete.

Is the data secure?

All data is securely stored on servers in Australia using Amazon Web Services.

Where is the data kept?

All data is kept in Australia, not offshore.

What IT requirements do we require?

A Web browser and Internet is all that is required. We built the software to be easily accessed, therefore you just need your log in details and an Internet connection.

What support is available?

We provide ongoing technical support should you require it.

How many users can we have?

As many as you like and we can set different security settings for different users and clinics.

Can I demo the software?

Yes you can. Simply contact us and we will arrange a demonstration.

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